FOODSTORIES aims to produce innovative materials and methodologies to equip present and future scientists to guide citizens’ choices towards healthier and more sustainable behaviours.

our main objectives

first objective

Improve the capabilities of students, researchers, professors and other academic personnel to communicate their research activities.

our main objectives

second objective

Increase the ability of target groups to make effective Food Science Communication.

our main objectives

third objective

Improve the ability to engage general audiences using storytelling.

our main objectives

fourth objective

Improve capabilities of professors and universities to create new university curricula or improve existing one on science communication focused on food.

our main objectives

fifth objective

Improve the ability to develop a wider public understanding of scientific activity and results.

project action plan

The FOODSTORIES project will

1st action

Collect good storytelling practices concerning science communication and identify those that can be successfully used for specific food science communication.

2nd action

Produce materials and practical exercises for the engagement of the general public and test them with the end-users.

3rd action

Provide professors and scientists with a comprehensive educational tool to improve university curricula or create completely new ones on science communication.

The following diagram provides an overview of the WPs structure

The 36-months project is divided into 5 Work Packages (WPs), which will be carried out at different stages of the project implementation. WP1 and WP2 are transversal to the project duration, and are designed to manage and coordinate the activities and outcomes of the other WPs.

WP3 aims to collect good storytelling practices concerning science communication, WP4 includes the production of materials and practical exercises, whereas WP5 will create educational content for professors and scientists, compiling videos regarding the topic of science in the agri-food sector.